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Parker IPS - "The Original T-Slot"

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Machine Guard

Trade Show Booth

Detailed Profile Connection

All examples designed using FloMoCo Parker IPS libraries and rendered with IDX Renditioner.


trade show booth
Parker IPS connectors




With FloMoCo's Parker IPS Aluminum Extrusion Instant Quote, you can instantly generate your own Parker IPS quotes.. Use your quote to immediately place your order. No need to wait days or even hours to get your quotes.

Generate Parker IPS Aluminum Extrusion quotes from a SketchUp bill of materials or just enter Parker IPS part numbers, quantity, and length (if required) and your quote will be immediately available.


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FloMoCo Sketchup
Plugin for Windows

FloMoCo Sketchup
Plugin for Mac OS X

< 1KB

Last Update:
Nov 1, 2014

(click above to downlod
the zipped plugin. Unzip it and then place in your SketchUp Plugins folder).


Drop this plugin into your SketchUp Plugins folder and you can readily generate a raw Bill of Materials from your SketchUp model. You then paste this raw BoM into your FloMoCo Parker IPS Aluminum Extrusion Instant Quote page. One simple click on the "Generate Quote" button and a complete and professional quotation will be generated for your project.

Download the proper plugin for your operating system. Decompress the zip fie. Place the FloMoCo Sketchup plugin in your Sketchup Plugins directory:

For Windows: C:\Program Files\SketchUp/Plugins

For MacOS X: /Library/Application Support /SketchUp 6/SketchUp/Plugins

You must then Restart SketchUp in order to see and use this Plugin.


Select "Generate FloMoCo Parker IPS BoM..." from the SketchUp Plugins Menu. A raw BoM report will be generated and displayed in your default text reader. Copy the entire report to the clipboard.

Login into your FloMoCo Parker IPS Instant quote account. Paste the BoM into the text edit box and click "Genearate Quote". Your quote will be instantly generated.

IMPORTANT: You must being drawing with your Sketchup Preferences Template set to:

"Inches (Woodworking) - 2D"

BONUS: Open this Ruby script with a text editor. Modify the line:


by entering your FloMoCo Instant Quote Login email address, e.g.:


Save the file. Then restart SketchUp. When you now select "Generate FloMoCo Parker IPS BoM...", you will automatically be logged into your account and the BoM data pasted into the Generate Quote text area.

FloMoCo Parker IPS Aluminum Extrusion

4 MB

Last Update:
Nov 1, 2014

(click above to downlod
the zipped library)


This is a library of some of the most used Parker IPS components. Simply unzip the archive place the library in your SketchUp Components directory:

For Windows: C:\Program Files\SketchUp/Components

For MacOS X: /Library/Application Support/SketchUp/Components


Open the Components window in SketchUp by selecting "Components" from the Window menu. Select the Parker IPS Library. You can now click on any Parker IPS component and add it to your drawing by clicking on any part of your drawing. Note:

1. The Parker IPS profile sections are all drawn in 1" length segments. You can readily lengthen a profile by selecting the scale tool:

then clicking and dragging out the middle image handle in order to lengthen the profile. That is:

scales to:

and you can readily set the exact length by first extending the profile, then entering the desired length in the lower right hand corner edit box in the active SketchUp window.

2. Profiles are provided in x, y and z directions. This is simply to assit you so that you do not need to rotate before using then in your model. Just click on the desired profile and desired direction.

3. Profile fasteners. There are two main types of profile fasteners :

- End Fasteners. For 1.5" and 40 Series profile, these would be the 25-003 and 20-002 fasteners, respectively:

These fasteners require a tapped hole in one piece of the profile, and an access hole in the other. In order to simplify the SketchUp models, these type of fasteners are represented only by the access hole in the component library:

- Universal (Anchor) Fasteners: For 1.5" and 40 Series profile these would be the 25-004 and 20-004 fasteners, respectively:

These fasteners require a milled hole in one end o fthe profile and slide a T-Nut into the mating piece. For SketchUp, these fasteners are represented by:

By using these components in your models, the FloMoCo Instant Quote application will automatically add the necessary machining operations to your quote (including the cutting of the profile).